Dr. Kerry Latch

Dear Patient,

As your healthcare provider, its is my medical obligation to provide you with all the current treatment options available.  Over the past decade, the medical field has benefited from Stem Cell Research.  These scientific findings have given way to the new, exciting field of regenerative medicine.  This field focuses on the use of your body's natural resources to treat chronic pain via adult stem cells, which aid in the repair of damaged tissues such as bone, tendons, and ligaments.

I believe the use of adult stem cells is a safe and effective treatment option.  Adult stem cells offer not only an effective treatment for damaged tissue, but can also be used to prevent further tissue degeneration.

Please take the time to learn more about adult stem cells and the potential impact they offer your health.


Kerry Latch, MD

About Dr. Latch

Board Certified by both the American Board of Anesthesiology and the American Board of Pain Medicine, as well as being one of two physicians in the state of Texas who is Certified in Regenerative Medicine by the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians, Dr. Kerry Latch received his medical degree at Texas Tech University Health Science Center.  He completed his Anesthesiology residency at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and was Fellowship-trained in Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Management at Texas Orthopaedic Hospital in Houston, Texas.  He has been practicing in San Antonio since 2007.

Dr. Latch currently dedicates of all of his practice to Interventional Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine of spine and joints.  He has special interest in utilizing ultrasound-guided techniques as well as spinal and peripheral nerve stimulation.

Multiple factors resulted in Dr. Latch's passion for Regenerative Medicine to include the multiple side effects, toxicity, and limited duration of steroid injections; the cost, risk, complications, prolonged recovery and frequent failure of surgical techniques; and finally, the problems with opiods which include limited effectiveness and patient's unavoidable dependency and tolerance that too often lead to addiction and overdose.  These issues with the previously available treatments were the driving force in Dr. Latch's desire to pursue regenerative medicine. 

These techniques are safe, holistic, nonsurgical, procedures with minimal risks of side effects or complications.  The benefits of these same-day outpatient procedures include pain management in addition to having restorative, regenerative and potentially curative effects that can be long-lasting.

Dr. Latch is married and has two young boys who keep a very busy athletic schedule.  When they are not playing sports, his family enjoys travel and any outdoor activity, especially fresh and salt water fishing.

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